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There’s lots of chatter about fundraising in 2019:

I can’t resist putting my take on it. It’s a result of weathering 5 recessions etc. etc! Here goes:

The best fundraisers will be successful if:
They will use the tools available in technology with applied analytics and continue to develop strong relationships with top prospects for major and mega gifts.
They will not spend time talking about the tax laws but will recognize that cases for support have always overcome tax changes.
They will treat all gifts as noble and donors as having the potential to grow their gifts if given opportunities that excite them to do so.
They will make sure their cases are relevant, urgent and emotional, remembering that giving is 90% emotional and 10% rational.

It’s all about human behavior. We should all remember that the appreciation in the USA equities market is extremely significant as it sat at 6,500 in March of 2009 and now we worry about a 100 to 200 point slide from 25,000 to 23,000 or more. Most major donor prospects today have been investing and captured that growth for the last decade. fundraising drivers: equities and employment In other words, 2019 will be what you make it. Pick up your phone, get out from behind the desk and remember that no fundraising happens at your desk!

Bob at Carter

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