Carter Director of Finance and Operations Ė Vero Beach, Florida

Job Description
Director of Finance & Operations
July 2018

The Director of Finance & Operations (DFO) is responsible for the oversight and
management of all financial and administrative functions at Carter. The DFO
serves on Carterís leadership team along with Carterís Chairman, President and
Vice President. The DFO will report to the President of Carter.

Financial Responsibilities

  • Manage the companyís annual budget
  • Provide monthly financial reports to Carterís partners (Chairman and President)
  • Manage payroll for all employees and independent contractors
  • Maintain Carterís QuickBooks account
  • Manage all client fee invoices and expense reimbursement invoices
  • Manage the process for payables and receivables
  • Deposit all checks and manage Carterís bank accounts as advised
  • Serve as the liaison to Carterís CPA firm for the purpose of completing our corporate tax returns
  • In conjunction with Carterís President, update the compensation dashboard to ensure proper payment to consultants and to also manage our gross margin
  • Review and assess Carterís insurance policies and future needs with management team Administrative Responsibilities
  • †Assist new team members on-boarding with basic readiness as consultants
  • Provide IC agreements to new consultants
  • Maintain appropriate records on all team members and ensure Carter is following proper HR policies
  • Serve as Carterís liaison to our Legal Counsel to ensure our IC and client agreements are in compliance
  • Establish and manage internal administrative procedures
  • Serve as the liaison to our IT vendor and any other vendors
  • Manage the Vero Beach office
  • Develop client agreements after a proposal has been verbally accepted by a prospective client
  • Ensure that Carter is registered as fundraising counsel in the states where we are conducting business
  • Update the Carter client list as new clients are acquired
  • Coordinate with the Support staff in Sarasota office as appropriate to assure smooth operations and efficient use of assets.


  • Candidates should have strong financial expertise and acumen. CPAís are preferred, but not required.
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail is required
  • Experience with QuickBooks, and the ability to assess efficient ways to enhance the above functions through innovative systems
  • Candidates must have a positive attitude and enjoy working with a team
  • Professional verbal skills are required to respond by phone and communicate with clients and team members
  • Managerial experience is recommended
  • Candidates must be self-motivated and able to prioritize and execute their roles with limited daily oversight

Interested candidates should email a letter of inquiry and resume to

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