Bob Carter to speak at AFP International Conference in Boston

Please join for an interesting conversation on Trends In US Public Policy.

Bob’s professional work with clients and colleagues throughout the United States and around the world – and, his volunteer leadership roles with AFP International and other national and global organizations – have given him a unique lens through which to view these vitally important topics. In this session, he will offer his insights and thoughts on the state of US public policy regarding philanthropy and fundraising; and, on the trends that can have the greatest impact on our work as fundraising professionals. The key learning objectives: (1) To impart with attendees the importance of understanding the major trends in US public policy that impact philanthropy and fundraising. (2) To encourage attendees to monitor public policy developments and track trends as they emerge. The session is Monday, March 21, 2016 at 10:45am.Visit to learn more about planned conference topics and schedule.